Skull Sugar Spoons (Set of 2) - Stainless Steel

$8.00 $14.00

Silver Skull Spoons (Set of Two). Spoons only.

Cool new Skull Shaped Sugar Spoon. This sinister stainless steel teaspoon lets the grains of sugar pass through its eye sockets and nose to form a mound of skull-shaped sugar. Perfect for scooping up sugary sweetness into coffee or tea or even as a fitting sugar cube holder over a glass of absinthe. Perfect for mixing libations such as tea, cocktails, poison, and the like.

Premium Quality: Our Coffee spoons are made of stainless steel (304 Grade) which are more durable and shinier than others. Ergonomic handle make you feel comfortable while using. Dishwasher Safe: These stainless steel spoons are mirror polished and no sharp edges. Stays shiny after dishwasher washed. Measures 5.94 x 1.33 inch 25g/pc.