Sanderson Inn Tie Dye Shirt


Sanderson Inn Tie Dye Shirt

Unique and 1-of-a-kind tie dye. Each shirt is unique as they are handmade one at a time. Absolutely JAW DROPPING tie dye! Curated in Alabama using tones of purple, yellow, and green. Patterns will vary as each tee is dyed individually. Printed with vintage, soft black ink in a really fun design.

Would you visit this 'dead and breakfast?!'


  • Handmade in the USA by another small female owned business.
  • Unisex sizing Small-3XL. Crew neck.
  • If you prefer more fitted -- size one down, otherwise sizing is approximately 1 size larger than women's.
  • Tee Brand- Bella, 100% Cotton, Unisex