Orange And Black Heart Corgi Butts - Enamel Pins


Includes one (1) pin.

Introducing the Orange and Black Heart Corgi Butts Enamel Pins - a charming and playful accessory that perfectly captures the adorable appeal of everyone's favorite furry friend. These delightful pins feature an irresistibly cute design showcasing the fluffy corgi rear in vibrant orange and black colors, shaped into a heart to express your love for these lovable pups.

Crafted with attention to detail and made from high-quality enamel, these pins are both durable and visually striking. They make a fantastic addition to your jacket, bag, hat, or any other piece of clothing or accessory, allowing you to showcase your affection for corgis in a fun and stylish way.

Whether you're a proud corgi owner, an admirer of the breed, or simply a fan of quirky accessories, these Orange and Black Heart Corgi Butts Enamel Pins are the perfect way to infuse your wardrobe with a touch of whimsy and canine charm.

🐶SIZE - 1.3"

😺MATERIAL - hard enamel with color.
🐾HOW TO WEAR - Our enamel pins are great on hats, backpacks, sweaters, purses, collar, lapels, belts, jackets, and more!