Spiderweb Stamp and Eye Liner Makeup (Ashley Hay Design)


*Presale so more photos are coming.*

A spiderweb stamp and eyeliner for every 8-legged freak. Made by Ashley Hay Design.

  • One end has a small web stamp and the other has a brush liner. The ink is black.
  • The starburst stamp is approx 6.95mm. 
  • Water-resistant with all-natural ingredients. Vegan and cruelty-free.
  • Remove with makeup remover or soap & water. Test on your skin first if you'd like to see how to use and remove it.
  • Ingredients: Water, Iron oxide, jojoba oil(hardened), triglycerides(vegetable oil blend), vegetable oil(hydrogenated), shea butter, mica, canola oil, candelilla wax, glycerin fatty acid ester(plant origin), carnauba wax, vitamin E, sunflower oil, vitamin C.