Spooky Mini Hanging Signs - Home Decor


Spooky Mini Hanging Signs

Whether for the Halloween season or year-long spooky décor, these mini signs make great accents to any haunted home. 8 exclusive designs feature a bat, skull, pumpkin, spiderweb, love potion bottle, tombstone, coffin, and a witch's cauldron on a wire hanger.

  • Love Poison Dimensions: 8cm X 8cm X 0.4cm
  • Black Bat Dimensions: 3.5cm X 8cm X 0.4cm
  • Spooky Skull Dimensions: 6cm X 4.5cm X 0.4cm
  • Gravestone Dimensions: 8.5cm X 4.5cm X 0.4cm
  • Jack-O-Lantern Dimensions: 6.5cm X 6cm X 0.4cm
  • Coffin Dimensions: 8.5cm X 4.5cm X 0.4cm
  • Spiderweb Dimensions: 6cm X 6cm X 0.4cm
  • Cauldron Dimensions: 6cm X 6cm X 0.4cm