Holiday Skull Wax Melts


I'm super excited to announced our new Skull Scented Wax Melts, made specifically for us by Rebel Potions!

Our first two types are:
-Creepmas Cinnamon (red)
-Possessed Peppermint (gren)

Available in 3 pack sizes:

  • 4 skulls - $3
  • 8 skulls - $5
  • 12 skulls - $8

Made from a Soy Wax Blend and high quality fragrances.

- ParaSoy Wax Blend.
- Fragrance Oil
- Wax dyes

These melts can be used in an electric melting pot or a ceramic burner. They can be melted and remelted until the scent has gone.

**Please remember fire safety rules and that these are not food (even though they smell delicious!).