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Coffin Glitter Resin Tray

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These beautifully handmade creative coffin trays are gorgeous! Thick, heavy-duty and sturdy. Use it to store your jewelry, keys, odds & ends, or simply as an art piece.

Each tray is unique one-of-a-kind handmade creativity by Jill of Beautifully Unique. You'll truly treasure checking out each angle and aspect of this art, knowing that Jill put so much love into your piece.


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  • Small Tray: 8"x4"x1".
  • Large Tray: 10"x5"x1".
  • Water and weather resistant. Please store it indoors.
  • Made from hand-mixed & poured resin.
  • Each tray has its unique colors, glitter, pigments, and various inclusions.
  • Since my items are handmade, there might be small imperfections in the art.